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Why Pilar?

Pilar Stella is one of the most impactful connectors around - she has been likened to Kevin Bacon - though prettier and only 1-2 degrees of separation from any leader, resource or need of your organization. She is an energizing, uplifting, inspiring and strategic addition to move you, your organization and your vision to the next level. Her approaches incorporate conscious practices which result in lasting impact in every organization she has worked with.  Have you ever needed...

  • A facilitator for your C-level management team or board to identify and align strategy across marketing, technology, operations and other services and move to the next level strategy or next generation approach? 
  • An innovator to work with existing teams and structures to ask critical questions in sustainability, transparency, innovative models, social responsibility, and global impact?
  • An advisor to your investment endeavors, identifying and referring deal flow, enhancing criteria review or diligence processes or improving impact, outcomes and returns?
  • A pattern thinker, or disrupter, to identify strategic leverage points in your business strategy and which opportunities to capitalize on and which to leave behind?
  • Someone on your team to build strategic business relationships, close deals, be the glue to keep things moving forward, hand hold internal team members or external clients and develop processes to maximize organizational efficiencies and impact?
  • An MC/facilitator/producer for your event that can work across disciplines, think strategically, and operationalize a large scale vision into action with tangible, concrete, sustainable outcomes?
  • An expert across public-private-nonprofit issues to take complex business models and operationalize them? 
  • A mediator or convener across sectors to find common ground and identify policy solutions or strategies across dissenting voices, perspectives or parties?
  •  A facilitator and strategic thinker to work with foundations and nonprofits in integrating learning to enhance strategy, grantmaking and impact?

Pilar Stella is a highly driven, self motivated senior executive and consultant with business intelligence, investment, corporate and foundation development, financial and operations, process improvement in high growth start-ups, established mid-sized firms, large corporations, foundations, investors, government and nonprofits. With a unique talent and skill for innovative and strategic thinking, she has a proven track record for building successful solutions across sectors, teams and disciplines with highly creative problem solving and integrated communication skills. She is a strong and dependable leader who can move senior level teams, world leaders, investors, entertainment, government, foundations and nonprofit teams to advance complex organizational objectives, business, philanthropic and financial goals including initiating, closing and executing global initiatives and strategy. She changes the energy and face of every client she has ever worked with in positive ways that ripples to their entire organization, client base and greater community at large.