Pilar is an author, writer, producer and speaker. She has:

  • Published two books;
  • Written for; HuffPost; Women 2.0, and other national and international publications, blogs and organizations;
  • Served as a producer for events, media, and global leaders; and
  • Spoken with groups and facilitated meetings across business, philanthropic and  social responsibility, women's leadership, civil and human rights, peace, spirituality, and life.




Pilar uses her training and background as a Kundalini yogi, gong master, surfer and coach to:

  • Facilitate and work with individuals, athletes, boards, executives, foundations and corporate clients as the anchor for her work as a creative, consultant, and capitalist; and
  • Integrate conscious practices into her creative pursuits, capitalist endeavors and personal life to create more balanced sustainable results.


Pilar's conscious capitalist endeavors include:

  • Consulting with start ups, corporations, investors, foundations, nonprofits, governments, boards, executive teams and committees; and
  • Integrating transparency, values, impact and social responsibility into bottom line returns, profits and growth with any of her clients and on her own entrepreneurial start up ventures.

Her philosophy focuses on quadruple bottom line:

  • People,
  • Purpose,
  • Profit, and
  • Planet.