Why Conscious Capitalism?

I have seen many meanings for conscious capitalism and I honestly believe that is an expanding arena...one day hopefully even to replace traditional capitalism. Some people feel capitalism is a dirty word. Some believe it is the solution to all problems - "just put it to the free markets and let it take care of itself."

To me, there is some balance. It is in finding the balance that the magic of capitalism is possible. I have worked across sectors - public, private and nonprofit and believe that none of them alone have figured it out. But rather, by taking some of the best elements of each and leveraging them, letting their strengths play off of each other is when truly remarkable things  happen. It is at this confluence that to me conscious capitalism begins. 

For me it is also different than social entrepreneurship which more often takes a good social idea and adds a revenue stream to it. Conscious capitalism takes any capitalistic endeavor and adds elements of the other sectors into play to maximize its efficiency, returns and profits, and impact on people and the planet. 

Yet my belief is that at the core of it all is the purpose piece.  It is when we build products, teams, companies based on that which inspires and fulfills those people that make up the team/company and/or are the consumers of the company that we begin to have the biggest impact. When we stick to our instincts and hold our ground in what feels right, what is right and find the opportunity across players of a win-win, that I believe true conscious capitalism begins and where if it is to survive, capitalism, will adapt into for many generations to come.

We have a long way to go and sometimes the journey feels very lonely. It was never easy for early pioneers like Galileo, Einstein, Edison, the Wright Brothers, or others, but remembering to be strong in that journey, and to stay committed to one's higher purpose, listen to one's instinct, and look for the win-win in every opportunity will help pave the way and inspire others along that journey!