Author & Writer. 

Pilar is the author of two books:

Seeking Serenity, a children's book about peace that was inspired and blessed by 10 Nobel Peace Laureates, including The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Jodi Williams.

BEing the Present, a book about living in the moment and learning how to be present. 

In addition to her books, Pilar has written a chapter in a book, The Thought That Changed My Life Forever - Chapter 5 and has written for international journals, blogs and other publications, including, HuffPost, Women 2.0, The Inertia and beyond. This includes:


Women 2.0

The Inertia:


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Producer & Speaker. 

Pilar has helped produce events with world leaders, musicians and musical talent, media and more. She also has served as an MC, speaker, and facilitator in gatherings of leaders across public-private-nonprofit sectors to bring her positive energy, strategic thinking, and her convening and mediation skills to forward an agenda, pull together teams, and find common ground across diverging perspectives.

She has worked with political leaders, world leaders, business leaders, foundation leaders, spiritual leaders, media and entertainment leaders to produce events and gatherings that forward business, policy, spiritual and global impact. This has included: Nobel Peace Laureates, producers of the We Are the World video to create a new song/video on peace, Los Angeles MLK Parade, LA Peace, The Global Summit, and other events.