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Conscious Capitalist.

There's an entire movement of conscious capitalists, with leaders like Richard Branson, John Mackey with Whole Foods and Tony Hsieh with Zappos leading the way.

Pilar considers herself a conscious capitalist, rather than a social entrepreneur. To her, the difference is that while a social entrepreneur takes a social good concept and adds an entrepreneurial spin to it to monetize and generate revenues (sometimes more limited) to support that concept; a conscious capitalist utilizes the best economic model of capitalism to generate significant revenues and returns and incorporates conscious, socially good principles to maximize the impact across People, Purpose, Profit and the Planet. 



Some of Pilar's conscious capitalist endeavors include:

  • As the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Alchemus Capital, an investment fund focused on INNOVATION, INTEGRITY AND INCLUSION, her interest areas focused on:

    • Music entertainment sports and tech
    • Corporate pain points and innovation
    • Diverse and inclusive leadership teams and cross-border deal flow. 
  • She founded, one of the early online giving platforms that standardized and made it easier to GIVE, BUY and track IMPACT for consumers, corporations, celebrities and causes. 

  • She also co-founded SparkPolicy formerly known as the Center for Systems Integration, a cross system think-tank consultancy.

  • She has served as an advisor to dozens of startups - both private and nonprofit - as well as to public agencies and leaders to enhance strategy, operations, fund raising, development and beyond as well as with investors, funds, family offices, philanthropic and advocacy organizations.



Pilar has served as a consultant for over 15 years in many capacities. She is an expert in what some call “pattern thinking” to help start ups, businesses, investors, government, nonprofits and others think outside the box and across sectors and silos to identify patterns and trends to improve strategic thinking and adaptability, implement programs, and enhance operations, outcomes, and impact. A recent article in Wired Magazine talks about Temple Grandin's identification of "pattern thinking" that autistic and aspergers coders are adding increasing value in Silicon Valley and beyond with this new kind of design thinking. 

Pilar works with C-level and executive teams, boards, entire organizations or teams, and in cross-sector leaders and initiatives in strategic thinking, business planning and operations to develop new strategies, implement new programs and maximize efficiencies across sectors and silos, always with an eye towards enhancing bottom line returns and creating positive social impact. Pilar has worked with and across sectors:

Startups & Entrepreneur: Pilar works with dozens of entrepreneurs and startups in music, entertainment, tech and beyond and has been called a "Founder Whisperer," helping entrepreneurs and startups go from vision to implementation and reality with concrete steps, milestones and success.

Corporations: Corporate C-Level teams in business and operations strategy, incorporating social responsibility to boost profits using giving not as a “feel good tool,” but rather to drive business and marketing strategy.

Government: National government departments, state general assemblies, gubernatorial & other commissions to develop public policies across public, private and nonprofit constituencies to maximize resources.

Foundations/Family Offices: National and local foundations and family offices in portfolio diversification strategies for their investment and philanthropic endeavors utilizing a leveraging approach to maximize impact and returns.

Causes and other key leaders and media figures: Advising investors in deal flow, impact investing measures, and innovative strategy; nonprofits on policy, advocacy, and fund development strategy; and advising media, celebrities, high net worth individuals, and academia on more impactful investing, giving and impact.